A 10-Step Process for Landing a New Opportunity

We live in dynamic times, where significant disruptions are causing companies to restructure and redesign work in ways that result in many workers facing the challenge of finding new opportunities after having their jobs eliminated. The journey forward can seem daunting. Without a process to rely upon, a productive path to landing a new opportunity can remain elusive, in-direct and unproductive. Here is a 10-step process for landing a new opportunity that will help you stay focused on what matters most, monitor progress towards your goal and celebrate the success of progress and experience the joy of achievement. The 10-step process includes:

  1. Survey Your Professional Environment
  2. Determine Your Professional Objective
  3. Create Your Communication Strategy
  4. Define Your Target Market
  5. Gather Marketplace Information
  6. Get Your Message Out
  7. Talk with Hiring Managers
  8. Consider Other Methods of Search
  9. Interview, Cultivate Offers and Negotiate
  10. Transition into the New Opportunity

Among the tools that you will need to develop while following this process are:

  • Professional environment survey
  • Professional Objective Statement (including personal interests, values, skills and preferences)
  • Marketing Plan
  • Self-Assessments
  • Communication Strategy
  • Target Market
  • Marketplace information
  • Resume, Biography, Accomplishment Stories
  • Questions you are likely to be asked and your responses
  • Questions you want to ask

A series of ten Blogs will follow this one with added details relating to each of the ten steps listed above. In addition, two 3-hour sessions will be scheduled in Atlanta for mid- to late June for professionals interested in talking about each of these ten steps in greater detail. More details on these sessions will be announced soon.


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